Frequently Asked Cat Grooming Questions

Cat Grooming FAQ

Find all the answers to the most asked questions about grooming your cat. General cat grooming questions and often asked questions about grooming a long-haired cat are included below.

How much does it cost to groom a cat?

The cost of grooming a cat can vary based on your location and what type of grooming services you need for your cat. The average price is approximately $50 but can generally range from $25 – $70. Groomers will have set rate packages and an a la carte menu of options.

Should cats be professionally groomed?

Professional grooming probably will not be necessary for most cats. Regular grooming at home, such as brushing and trimming claws, should be done as part of a regular routine.

How do I find a good cat groomer?

Ask friends who use a groomer for recommendations. If you have no one to get a word-of-mouth recommendation from, then search online for local groomers for cats to check ratings and read all the reviews. You should also read this post on how to find the best groomer.

Can you take cats to the groomers?

Yes. Ensure the groomer accepts cats, as many tend to cater more to dog grooming. However, be aware there is a lot of grooming you can do yourself at home.

Can I wash my cat with baby shampoo?

You should not use baby shampoo on your cat. Although baby shampoo has gentle ingredients, it is meant for humans, not cats. The best option is to bathe your cat with cat shampoo, which you can purchase at pet stores or online.

Can I use human shampoo on a cat?

 No, you should never use human shampoo on your cat. You should buy cat shampoo, which is specifically formulated for cats. Human shampoos have various ingredients for different purposes.

Should I bathe my cat?

Cats typically don’t need a bath in the tub. Bathing your cat at home may be difficult since most do not like water. For cats that are particularly dirty or that have gotten something on their fur that requires human assistance to clean, you can start with brushing to try to remove debris. There are also wipes you can use to “bathe” a cat. 

There are situations where you want to get your cat bathed as soon as possible, either by yourself or by a professional pet groomer. Examples would include if your cat has fleas or mites, gets sprayed by a skunk, or gets some type of sticky residue on their coat.

Do long-haired cats need haircuts?

Most long-haired cats do not need a full haircut but may need a sanitary trim.

Can long-haired cats be groomed?

Yes, you can take any cat to a professional cat groomer, but it may not be necessary. You should be brushing your cat regularly at home, and a long-haired cat may need more frequent brushing to help prevent matting of their fur.

Should I give my long-haired cat a bath?

Cats do not usually need to be bathed by a human. However, if there is a situation requiring a bath, be sure to use cat shampoo, not human shampoo.

Do long-haired cats need haircuts in summer? 

Cats in general, including long-haired cats, don’t need a haircut in the summer. It would be best to brush your cat regularly to remove fur that is being shed, but for the most part, cats tolerate the summer without the need for a haircut.