Cat Grooming Tools

Every cat owner’s most basic cat grooming tool is a cat brush. Even though cats are known for grooming themselves, they still need to be brushed regularly. Long-haired cats require brushing more often, and you probably want to invest in a de-matting tool since they can be prone to getting matted fur.

cat grooming tools

Cat Grooming Supplies

All cat owners need to have some essential tools for at home cat grooming. Recommended tools include:

  • Cat Brush
  • FURminator Deshedding tool
  • FURminator Dematting tool (for long-haired cats)
  • Cat Nail Clippers
  • Round tipped scissors

There are plenty of cat brushes to choose from. You need to find the one that works best for your cat.

Furminator Dematter

  • Works on cats & dogs
  • For long-haired cats to prevent mats
  • Best tool for gently removing tangles
  • Easily removes mats
  • FURminator brand
  • Stainless steel curved edge
  • Ergonomic handle to grip well
  • Removes mats & tangles safely

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Furminator Tools for Cats

The FURminator tools cost a little more, but they work very well. Many professional pet groomers choose to use the FURminator in their salons.

Often there are FURminator specific grooming services offer by professional groomers such as a bath using the deshedding FURminator shampoo and brushing with a FURminator tool.

Cat Grooming Equipment

If you have a fidgety cat, you may want to invest in a cat grooming bag, sometimes referred to as a comfort bag. You put your cats body in the bag and their head sticks out. There are also ones where you can have the paws stick out if you are trying to trim nails. The bag helps you to complete grooming tasks or administer medicine while keeping your cat contained and still.