7 Tips for Finding a Groomer for Your Cat

How to Find a Cat Groomer

Finding a good cat groomer can be stressful. You want to get your cat professional grooming but also want to balance that with possible anxiety from your cat.

Get a Referral

You can ask your vet or speak to friends and family who use cat groomers. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful factors when making a decision to hire someone.

Read Reviews

Visit the salon site and read customer reviews. If there are multiple groomers, you should note which ones get the better customer feedback.

Review Their Website

Look up the site and see if the grooming salon has won any awards, what types of certifications they hold, whether it is a cat-only establishment, etc. Read the About Us page to get details about the business, groomer’s experience, tenure, individual certifications, etc.

Look for Before & After Pictures

Most reputable pet salons post photos on their website or other social media platforms as a form of advertisement to set them apart from the competition. Pictures of their work show not only their skill level, but their passion for doing a great job.

Check Social Media Accounts

Most businesses have social media accounts where they post pictures and have customers review their services. Check their website to find which social media accounts they use and look them up.

Check BBB.org

Look up the groomer’s business name on the Better Business Bureau site. BBB.org displays accreditation, ratings, and lists any complaints against the business.

Speak to the Groomer or Owner

Once you find the groomer you think is suitable for your cat, give them a call or drop by the pet salon to set up an appointment. This is your opportunity to discuss the grooming services for your cat and ask any questions. You can typically get an impression of someone by speaking or meeting in person.

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