provides cat owners with different options for grooming their felines. Even though cats usually do a good job bathing themselves, there are still some owner recommended grooming tasks. Your options are you can take your cat to a pet salon, find a mobile cat groomer to come to your home, or buy a few basic grooming tools which will handle the normal grooming which should be done on a regular basis. There are detailed articles for the most common tasks in the How to Groom Your Cat section of the site.

Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

Cats are known for instinctively grooming on a daily basis. However, there are many health-related reasons why you should groom your cat on a regular basis.

  • Brushing out knotted and matted fur while it is still small and manageable to avoid painful skin issues
  • Removing excess dead fur will help decrease hairballs
  • Keeping claws trimmed to avoid snagging or curling into the foot pad
  • Opportunity to notice any skin issues, wounds or changes to weight so you can address them immediately
  • Checking for fleas and ticks
  • Regular brushing helps maintain a healthy, clean and shiny coat by redistributing natural oils on the skin

How to Groom Your Cat at Home

There are many regular grooming tasks you can do with your cat at home. All you need are a few grooming tools and you will be able to take care of some basic cat grooming needs. At minimum you should be brushing your cat and if your cat allows it, trimming claws. A good brush and sturdy cat nail clippers are all you need to take care of the majority of your cat’s grooming at home.

Best Cat Dematter Tool

Furminator Dematter

  • Works on cats & dogs
  • For long-haired cats to prevent mats
  • Best tool for gently removing tangles
  • Easily removes mats
  • FURminator brand
  • Stainless steel curved edge
  • Ergonomic handle to grip well
  • Removes mats & tangles safely

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Latest Cat Grooming Posts

Professional Pet Groomer vs. Do It Yourself at Home

Getting your cat groomed by either a professional pet groomer or doing it yourself can have benefits for both you and your cat. If you are unsure about tackling it on you own, then you can always do some research before attempting to groom your cat.

Pros of Using a Pet Groomer

  • Experience of a professional groomer
  • Designated grooming space with professional equipment and supplies
  • Likely less time to complete the grooming
  • You don’t have to do it

Pros of DIY Cat Grooming

  • Less expensive
  • No appointments need and you can do it on your schedule
  • Satisfaction knowing that you did it all by yourself
  • Less stress for your cat since most cats hate being in a car

Find a Groomer – Where to Get My Cat Groomed

Finding cat grooming near you is as easy as doing a search online. You can find local options by searching for something such as “places that groom cats near me”, “cat groomers around me” or if you’d prefer a groomer that caters to only cats, try “cat only grooming near me”. You will find groomers in some of the bigger pet stores, and you’ll also discover many smaller one or two person shops. Some cat groomers even travel to your home to do the grooming there to avoid making you taking your cat to them. Cats more than dogs typically hate going in the car. If you have a nervous cat that is in need of some bathing, trimming or dematting, a cat groomer who does house calls may be the solution for you.

Many independent cat groomers tend to be people who are a true cat or pet lovers, and they have chosen this job because they are such an animal lover. Be sure to check out their references, but I’m sure you’ll find many of them have been in business for themselves for a long time.

Nearby Cat Grooming Locations

Once you find a good cat grooming services, you tend to stick with it. You know they do a good job, and your cat becomes accustomed to having the grooming service and the person or place where they go for their shampoo or haircut. Cats can get stressed when you take them in the car and take them out of their home. At least if you can find one that works well and does what you need, it hopefully can be a bit less stressful for your cat too.

Mobile Cat Groomer

For those who want a professional groomer but are hesitant to bring their cat to a pet groomer, there are mobile groomers who come to your house. A mobile pet groomer usually has a van type of vehicle that is outfitted with all the necessary equipment to provide just a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim or other service to your pet’s specific needs.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Pet Groomer

  • Convenience
  • Less stress for both you and your cat since there is no car ride
  • Private 1-on-1 grooming by a professional
  • No contact or exposure to other animals
  • Avoids separation anxiety
  • Better for extremely skittish and/or older felines requiring pet salon services
  • Clean & sanitary environment

Mobile Cat Groomers in My Area

You will need to check if there are mobile cat grooming services near you. Not all pet groomers offer this service, but mobile cat groomers are becoming more popular. Mobile groomers can do a full grooming process session or individual services.

Cat Salon Services

Cat groomers offer several services to help keep your feline clean and smelling good. Pet grooming can be somewhat of a spa treatment with some of the packages offered for your feline. You can get your pets completely pampered with upgraded packages which include multiple options, or you can opt for a basic one such as a shampoo blow dry. Each pet’s specific needs vary so you can select what suits your cats. Short-haired cats may require less professional grooming than long-haired cats.

Some regular pet grooming, such as a nail trim and regular brushing your cat’s coat, can be done by a pet parent themselves at home. Other cat grooming services, such as an anal gland expression or a sanitary trim, may be better suited to have a pet groomer (or your veterinarian) take care of for your furry friend.

List of Pet Grooming Services

Bath with Shampoo, Conditioner & Blow Dry

Nail Trimming

Ear Cleaning



Full Haircut or Trim

Pelt Removal

Flea Bath

Skin & Coat Moisturizing

Paw Balm

Flea & Tick Shampoo

Sanitary Trim

Ruff Trim

Sanitary Trim

Feet & Tail Trim

Eye Cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Brushing with FURminator Tool

Scissoring Feet (Extra Scissoring)

Anal Gland Expression

Sanitary Area Cleaning

Pad Shaving

Full Belly Shave

Half Belly Shave

Toe Tuft Trim

Lion Cut Shave

Locate The Best Rated Cat Grooming Near You

There are cat grooming pet salons all over the place nowadays. Many that offer dog grooming also cater to felines. Before it was more dogs that went to the dog groomer with certain breeds needing to have regular trims. Now cats are in that category too. Grooming can be very helpful for long haired cats since their fur tends to get messier and dirtier, especially if they go outside.

To find the best cat groomers you want to read cat grooming near you reviews before you make your pet’s appointment to make sure you are taking your pet to reputable cat groomer. You can also search for a grooming salon that is associated with the National Cat Groomers Institute. People love their pets like their own children, and it is shown with their willingness to offer reviews on services when it comes to their cats.

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