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Cat Grooming Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for a cat groomer in Las Vegas, you are in the right place. Do you want to take your cat to a local Las Vegas pet groomer or find a mobile cat groomer nearby to come to your house?

Check out all the Las Vegas cat grooming options to find the right one for your cat.

For basic grooming needs, take a look at these articles on how to groom your cat at home. Many cat grooming tasks can be done at home rather than paying for a professional pet groomer.

How to Find Best Cat Groomers in Las Vegas

Before choosing a pet groomer for your cat, you first want to do some due diligence. Pets are part of the family, and you want to be sure you are entrusting them will a qualified groomer who has a good reputation.

First, you want to decide if you’re going to take your cat to a nearby Las Vegas salon or set up an appointment with a mobile cat groomer. Next, you may want to follow the tips below to find the perfect groomer for your cat.

7 Tips for Finding a the Best Vegas Groomer for Your Cat

For more details on finding a pet groomer, you can check out the full post on 7 tips to find a groomer for your cat. Most of these tips should be fairly easy to do and it will give you peace of mind knowing you took a little bit of time to find the best suited groomer for your cat.

Cat Grooming Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has many pet salons and mobile cat groomers. Services may vary by the groomer. Be sure to ask about the cat grooming services your cat requires before scheduling an appointment.

For those who prefer a groomer to come to them, there is the option of a mobile cat groomer. Not all pet salons offer mobile grooming, so you will need to check with those in the Las Vegas area for those providing this service.

When speaking with the salon, ask if there are any requirements. Some may require your cat to be up to date on shots, whether you are going to the pet salon or having a mobile groomer visit your house.

Cat Grooming Las Vegas, NV Locations

Mobile Cat Grooming Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Cat Grooming Prices

Cat grooming prices vary based on the services you select for your feline. The best option is to check the pet parlor website or ask for a quote. Speaking with the groomer will give a better idea since the services you require will determine your final cost.

Mobile Cat Groomer Las Vegas NV Prices

Prices for a mobile groomer may vary based on the establishment but having your cat groomed at home may be well worth any extra cost.

Easy Cat Grooming You Can Do at Home

Some grooming can be done at home by pet owners. All you need are a few grooming tools that can be purchased online or at a local pet store.

The 3 most common cat grooming tasks

  • Brushing a cat, especially when your cat is shedding
  • Removing matted fur from long-haired cats and senior cats who may have trouble grooming
  • Trimming cat’s nails to maintain healthy length

How to Groom Your Cat at Home

For help with grooming at home, please check out these articles on the most common tasks explaining how to groom and answers to common cat grooming questions.

Best Cat Grooming Tools

  • Furminator tool – For shedding cats and regular brushing
  • Furminator Deshedder – For long-haired cats and cats with matted fur
  • Cat Nail Trimmers – For regular claw trims

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