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What Type of Cat Grooming Services Are You Looking For?

Do you have a cat who could use some professional cat grooming services? Although felines generally take care of their bathing needs, sometimes your pet does need to be groomed by humans. Outdoor cats especially can get dirty and matted fur which makes it hard for your cat to maintain its beautiful coat. Cat groomers can help in this area.

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Being outdoors can contribute to dirty fur, claws, and mats. Your pets are walking through mud, rolling around on the grass or in dirt piles and climbing trees all which contribute to the appearance of their coat. Sometimes even with a cat who bathes itself frequently, additional grooming help may be required.

Cat grooming involves more than just a bath and some brushing. There is a whole plethora of services cat groomers offer to help keep your feline not only clean and smelling good. Cat grooming can be somewhat of a spa treatment with some of the packages offered for your kitty.

There are plenty of offerings which cats can’t accomplish on their own. Just like dogs, some cats need haircuts or trims whether it is because of matted fur or just overgrowth in some areas such as on the paws or in the rear area. Believe it or not, some cats have been known to have the fur grow on their paws to the point where it needs to be trimmed regularly. Some outdoor cat owners even shave their cats during the hot weather, so they start the summer off with a fresh hair cut.

Cat groomers offer several services such as:

  • Bathing with Shampoo, Conditioner, and Blow Dry Options
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brushing
  • Dematting
  • Haircut or Trim
  • Flea Bath
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Feet and Tail Trim
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail Caps
  • Gland Expression
  • Paw balm

You can get your cat completely pampered with an upgraded package which includes more services, or you can opt for a basic one. Each cat’s needs vary so you can select what suits your cats.

Locate The Best Rated Cat Grooming Near You!

You do want to read cat grooming near you reviews to make sure you are taking your cat to reputable cat groomer. People love their cats like their own children, and it is shown with their willingness to offer reviews on services when it comes to their cats.

Once you find a good cat grooming service, you tend to stick with it. You know they do a good job, and your cat becomes accustomed to having the grooming service and the person or place where they go for their shampoo or haircut. Cats can get stressed when you take them in the car and bring them somewhere that isn’t their home. At least if you can find one that works well and does what you need, it hopefully can be a bit less stressful for you cat too.

Nearby Cat Grooming Locations

There are cat grooming centers all over the place nowadays. Before it was more dogs that went to the groomer with certain breeds needing to have regular trims. Now cats are in that category too. Grooming can be very helpful for long haired cats especially. Their hair tends to get messier and dirtier especially if they go outside.

Finding cat grooming near you is as easy as doing a search online. You will find groomers in some of the bigger pet stores, and you’ll also discover many smaller one or two person shops. Some cat groomers even travel to your home to do the grooming there to avoid making you taking your cat to them. Cats more than dogs typically hate going in the car. If you have a nervous cat that is in need of some bathing, trimming or dematting, a cat groomer who does house calls may be the solution for you.

Many independent cat groomers tend to be people who are a true cat or pet lovers, and they have chosen this job because they are such an animal lover. Be sure to check out their reference, but I’m sure you’ll find many of them have been in business for themselves for a long time.